Time spent with a good book is actually, time saved. If you are a reader and want to lay your hands on handpicked books, then assuredly this blog is going to smooth the task. I’m a reader and understand the appetite for a good book. Well, not always we get a good tome to read, […]

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Grit and Grace

This is for all the those who stood the rugged times, pushed all the stumbling blocks and walk with grace and head up. Cheers people! I am grit and grace now. My reemergence is not mere a, vestilege of my former self. I’ll break open the treasures of my breast for, those who need the […]

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We all have different perspectives. We all like to build our own norms. Not following the set patterns just puts us apart. And honestly, it’s fine to be differnet from others. It’s fine to be a madcap. I was put here, in this world, by chance; I had little say in this decision. But as […]

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A Flight Of Memories 

I happened to put my books in an apple pie order a day before. I failed at the attempt (not surprising). Nevertheless, I unearthed riches! Being a reader since I was born (okay, I exaggerated), behind ‘Cat o’ nine tales’ and ‘Rouge Lawyer’ I found ‘The big pancake’ and ‘James and the giant peach’. Nostalgia […]

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To Grandpa

With the crowd jostling outside and the sun almost fading, I sat down with a pen…. I see them twinkle , I see them chortle, pondering  I was the same once. Recollections, which are blinking now and then, leave me in tears and dimples. From the breakfast to the dinner, I fit tightly- never you […]

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Carve The Mark

From the author of the Divergent series, comes yet another duology, published on 17th January, 2017. Though a few passable months have gone,  this book has not been read by many. If you are one of those, who is planning to lay hands on this, here is a succinct outline of the novel, without giving […]

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