Time spent with a good book is actually, time saved. If you are a reader and want to lay your hands on handpicked books, then assuredly this blog is going to smooth the task. I’m a reader and understand the appetite for a good book. Well, not always we get a good tome to read, […]

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To Grandpa

With the crowd jostling outside and the sun almost fading, I sat down with a pen…. I see them twinkle , I see them chortle, pondering  I was the same once. Recollections, which are blinking now and then, leave me in tears and dimples. From the breakfast to the dinner, I fit tightly- never you […]

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Carve The Mark

From the author of the Divergent series, comes yet another duology, published on 17th January, 2017. Though a few passable months have gone,  this book has not been read by many. If you are one of those, who is planning to lay hands on this, here is a succinct outline of the novel, without giving […]

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